iloveDroid's Free Android Apps For The Holidays

Every one is in the holiday spirit! Unless your a scrooge, in that case get jolly buddy because iloveDroid has an extra jolly list of the best free Android applications for the holiday seasons.

Christmas RADIO by

Christmas RADIO is the perfect app for traveling during the holiday seasons, or for holiday get togethers, plug your android into your home entertainment center and please family and guests. Christmas RADIO tunes you in to over 40 Christmas radio stations that you can listen to from any where in the world. There is even a radio station broadcasting from the north pole!

More info about Christmas Radio Here

Gift List by Developers Simplify Lives

Gift List is an awesome little Android application for tracking when, where, for who, and for the event that you purchased the gift for. Never leave that little nephew out of a Christmas present again(You horrible person, you thought we didn't know!?).

More info about Gift List Here

Shopping Days To Christmas by Zerohoh

Shopping Days To Christmas is a small widget that simply displays how many days you have left for Christmas shopping. It counts down to Christmas eve the last day that stores are open for shopping.

More info about Shopping Days To Christmas Here

Due to the fact that most other Christmas/Holidays apps for Android where rather silly I decided to not included them and only talk about the ones that are truly helpful for the holiday seasons.

Happy Holidays!
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