Droid Does Not

In the world of Droid Does there is surprisingly some "Droid Does Not". To find out that "Droid Does Not" I have collected feedback from over 60+ current Motorola Droid owners. Below are their stories....

BamaBlue says
OK, I do love this phone - BUT - the biggest disappointment has been with Bluetooth: my Droid paired with my BMW, but will only connect manually - that is when it even WILL connect! I can't load my phonebook at all, and there is NO VOICE DIALING, which was a near-deal-breaker...only hung on because of the promise of BT upgrade with 2.0.1, which I don't have yet, so still waiting to see if it actually does improve...

MonmouthDroid says
1. The keyboard (one of 2 factors for me not saving 100 by getting the eris) sucks completely. I have used it like 5 times since launch day because the stupid d-pad cripples the buttons your left thumb can reach.
2.The video player should be either incorperated in to the music app (making it a media app) or given its own app. I hate to the deepest core of my heart that it is in the gallery app. I installed the app called Video Player which basically acts as a short cut to your video folder with a few little interface tweeks. But this is like throwing a paper towel over a pile of dog crap in your living room. You may not see the problem directly anymore but it is still there and it still stinks.
3. Bluetooth voice dialing is a no show so far.
4. I really don't want to use a home replacemnet app because even the best, fastest ones arent as stable and quick as the standard home, but for a divice capable of using so many apps and widgets, 3 home screens arent enough. So you have to choose between speed & stability or the ability to customize to your hearts desire.
5. This one is pretty miner, but i wish it used mini usb instead of micro cause i have some where around 50,000,000 mini usb cables and/or chargers at my house, meaning i would be able to keep one every concievable place i use my phone, but instead it uses micro usb so i have to buy new cords and chargers for work, car, etc.

sooper_droid12 says
True, the music app needs polishing. True, a nice text widget like on Sense UI could be nice. Better exchange performance? Sure. Better Bluetooth sync with vehicles? Perhaps. The updates will solve a lot of the problems that people are mentioning. 12/11 was just the first. January 2010 will be another. Android is a very fluid system and improvements are coming. I've noticed that developers are very quick on creating and developing the applications that we users need.

Want your home screen to rotate? Pick up Home++. It's a SUPER stable home replacement that supports that. And it's FREE! Physical keyboard got you down? Don't use it. The DROID is still just as thin as the iPhone with it. Having it is just a cherry on top. Spell check? It already offers that as you're typing! Check the bar above the virtual keys: It's a list of correctly spelled words. And it does predict and for me, it's only missed on internet slang: LOL = long (or something weird).

The fact is: Many of you DROID owners that are complaining haven't used the phone long enough or have explored it enough to know how incredible the potential of this phone is. Yeah, maybe a bigger, badder Android phone comes out, but that'll always be the case. And how much better is that next phone supposed to be? 5%, as quoted?

Am I going to return my phone because the music app isn't beautiful? No. It's a phone after all. But even if it doesn't do that well, it does SO MANY other things well. I guess this is the long answer for:

NO, I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS; love the phone, but am realistic that better technology is less than a year away. Thankfully, Android, it's an evolving device.

These are just a few excerpts from real people talking about their Motorola Droid. I wish I had room for all of them however there is just to many. If you would like to read the rest you can do so here

What are your complaints about your Motorola Droid? I would love to hear them, you can always and are encouraged to get involved with post here at iloveDroid by using the "comment" feature below.

Until next time Droid lovers!
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