Tutorial: How to Develop Android Applications

Want to develop your own Android application?

I found a tutorial that really helped me out when I was new to developing with Android and had no idea where to start, so I thought others also might find it useful. Im sure if you have an Android phone the idea of creating your own kickass application has came to mind, maybe even a few times. If you are one of those people who want to start making Android applications or just want to see how Android apps are made I would highly recommend taking a look at this great tutorial: How to Develop Android Applications

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The Destruction of iPhone and Android

Will the iPhone and Android be doomed in 2010?
A senior malware researcher from Kaspersky Lab Americas predicts a not so fortunate end to the iPhone and Android.

Roel Schouwenberg(Photo on the right.) a senior malware researcher from Kaspersky Labs in the United States, warns of a dark future for the Apple iPhone and the Google Android. Schouwenberg reports that we will probably be seeing a decent amount of publicity about the iPhone and Android being under attack by cyber criminals in 2010. Based on the mobile attacks of 2009 when the first malicous mobile applications first came to life, Roel mentions Android users are espically going to be under heavy attack due to the fact that Android is lacking special security measures. Hopefully Roeal Schouwenberg is incorrect about his predictions of the upcoming brutal attacks on the iPhone and Android. All we can do is hope new secuirty features are implemented in upcoming releases. Until then stay staff!
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Track Santa On Your Android Phone!

Merry Christmas to all! Santa Clause is coming to town and your can track him and all of his reindeer's too, on your Android phone. How do I track Santa? Simply go to Googles home page on your Android phone and click the "Track Santa On Your Android Phone" link to get started or buy visiting this link on your Android Phone. The Santa Tracker is brought to you by NORAD . Don't miss out on this fun Holiday tradition, now you can get it on your Android Phone!

Happy Holidays!
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A First Look At Android App Development Video

While I was waiting for the Android SDK to finish installing the platforms I stumbled across this video by Dan Morrill with Google Developer Programs. Dan takes you briefly through the application development process for Android.

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Google Maps Navigation For All Android Lovers!

Thats right Google Maps Navigation isn't just for the Android 2.0 guys anymore. It is now for every one with  Android 1.6+, unfortunately any Android OS under 1.6 will be missing out on the Google Maps Navigation madness. Google says the Google Maps Navigation for Android 1.6+ is currently in beta and available in the United States.

Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS system with voice guidance and automatic rerouting, all running on your mobile phone. Using Google services over your phone's data connection brings important benefits to GPS navigation users, like using Google search (typed or spoken) to enter your destination; fresh map, business, and traffic data; and satellite and Street View imagery along your route. Googlemobile

 Although Google  Maps Navigation is now available to those with Android 1.6+ their are some functions that will only work on the Android 2.0 OS. Don't worry tho Google says its no problem at all! You will just have to use some of the functions a little differently like the "navigate to" voice command for example.

If your lovely Android phone is running a 1.6 or above you can download Google Maps Navigation via the Android marketplace. Google also asks kindly for feedback on Google Maps Navigation, you can do this at Google forum. Also if you are looking for help on using your new Google Maps Navigation you can find tons at Google's Help Center.
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Free Official Android Logo Psds

I had been searching all over the web for some psds of the Android logo and I finally found them. So I thought I would save every one else from have to do a grueling search. Below you can download all the Official Android Logos. The logos can be used for pretty much anything you want from developing apps to just spicing the Android guy up for a desktop wallpaper.

Download: GIF | PS 

Download: GIF | PS 

Download: GIF | PS 

Download: GIF | PS 

Download: GIF | PS 

Enjoy and please share what you have created with these lovely Android logos!
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In the world of Droid Does there is surprisingly some "Droid Does Not". To find out that "Droid Does Not" I have collected feedback from over 60+ current Motorola Droid owners. Below are their stories....

BamaBlue says
OK, I do love this phone - BUT - the biggest disappointment has been with Bluetooth: my Droid paired with my BMW, but will only connect manually - that is when it even WILL connect! I can't load my phonebook at all, and there is NO VOICE DIALING, which was a near-deal-breaker...only hung on because of the promise of BT upgrade with 2.0.1, which I don't have yet, so still waiting to see if it actually does improve...

MonmouthDroid says
1. The keyboard (one of 2 factors for me not saving 100 by getting the eris) sucks completely. I have used it like 5 times since launch day because the stupid d-pad cripples the buttons your left thumb can reach.
2.The video player should be either incorperated in to the music app (making it a media app) or given its own app. I hate to the deepest core of my heart that it is in the gallery app. I installed the app called Video Player which basically acts as a short cut to your video folder with a few little interface tweeks. But this is like throwing a paper towel over a pile of dog crap in your living room. You may not see the problem directly anymore but it is still there and it still stinks.
3. Bluetooth voice dialing is a no show so far.
4. I really don't want to use a home replacemnet app because even the best, fastest ones arent as stable and quick as the standard home, but for a divice capable of using so many apps and widgets, 3 home screens arent enough. So you have to choose between speed & stability or the ability to customize to your hearts desire.
5. This one is pretty miner, but i wish it used mini usb instead of micro cause i have some where around 50,000,000 mini usb cables and/or chargers at my house, meaning i would be able to keep one every concievable place i use my phone, but instead it uses micro usb so i have to buy new cords and chargers for work, car, etc.

sooper_droid12 says
True, the music app needs polishing. True, a nice text widget like on Sense UI could be nice. Better exchange performance? Sure. Better Bluetooth sync with vehicles? Perhaps. The updates will solve a lot of the problems that people are mentioning. 12/11 was just the first. January 2010 will be another. Android is a very fluid system and improvements are coming. I've noticed that developers are very quick on creating and developing the applications that we users need.

Want your home screen to rotate? Pick up Home++. It's a SUPER stable home replacement that supports that. And it's FREE! Physical keyboard got you down? Don't use it. The DROID is still just as thin as the iPhone with it. Having it is just a cherry on top. Spell check? It already offers that as you're typing! Check the bar above the virtual keys: It's a list of correctly spelled words. And it does predict and for me, it's only missed on internet slang: LOL = long (or something weird).

The fact is: Many of you DROID owners that are complaining haven't used the phone long enough or have explored it enough to know how incredible the potential of this phone is. Yeah, maybe a bigger, badder Android phone comes out, but that'll always be the case. And how much better is that next phone supposed to be? 5%, as quoted?

Am I going to return my phone because the music app isn't beautiful? No. It's a phone after all. But even if it doesn't do that well, it does SO MANY other things well. I guess this is the long answer for:

NO, I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS; love the phone, but am realistic that better technology is less than a year away. Thankfully, Android, it's an evolving device.

These are just a few excerpts from real people talking about their Motorola Droid. I wish I had room for all of them however there is just to many. If you would like to read the rest you can do so here

What are your complaints about your Motorola Droid? I would love to hear them, you can always and are encouraged to get involved with post here at iloveDroid by using the "comment" feature below.

Until next time Droid lovers!
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Android App For That FML Kind Of Day

We all have them there is just no way around it, a "FML" day when things aren't turning out like you expected, but don't worry! Android fully understands this and so does fmylife.com that's why today im going to talk about the best app for Android that allow you to access fmylife.com and realize that bad day your having isn't so bad after all.

There are many apps for fmylife.com , how ever only one I have found so far does the job like its suppose to. That app is FML by Evan Charlton it is currently the top rated app for FML in the Android marketplace and my favorite! With the FML app you can browse, submit, comment, and even share FML's.

Simple FML Set up guide
  1. Create an account at fmylife.com if you don't already have one.
  2. Search for the FML by Evan Charlton in the Android Marketplace.
  3. Install and enter you fmylife.com login credentials.
  4. Your done! Enjoy browsing, voting, and more great stuff on fmylife.com with your Google Android phone.
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Manually Update HTC Eris Droid With RUU

How To Manually Update HTC Eris Droid With RUU

ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU)

Before Running the ROM Upgrade Utility

Before you run the ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU), make sure you check and do the following first:

1. USB sync cable is connected to the computer.
2. The standby and hibernation modes are disabled on the computer.
3. All running applications on the computer have been closed.
4. USB sync cable is connected to the Mobile Device.
5. Do not interact with your Mobile Device unless instructed to do so.

General Procedure on Installing the ROM Update

The upgrade process takes up to 10 minutes. It is recommended that you close all programs on your PC prior to starting the update program and do not open any applications or files while the update is in process. All customization and downloaded applications will be lost however contents of the SD card will remain intact.

1. Back up your personal data from the Mobile Device to your computer using HTC Sync if you want to ensure you don’t lose any of your data. Click here to download instructions on how to do this.
2. On your computer, run the ROM Update Utility (RUU) to install the ROM update to your Mobile Device. (The next section provides a detailed procedure on how to install the ROM Update).
3. Restore your personal data back to your Mobile Device using HTC Sync. (Optional)

How to Install the ROM Update

Click here to download HTC Droid ERIS MR1

Before running the RUU, back up any personal data from the Mobile Device to the computer first using HTC Sync.

1. On the Welcome Screen, check the box “I understand the caution indicated above and have reviewed the ReadMe. This will activate NEXT button

2. Click Next to begin the ROM update installation.

3. On the next screen, follow the listed instructions in the dialog box first. When you are done, click Next to proceed.

Note: You should read and follow all the instructions listed before clicking Next.

4. The following message will then be displayed, indicating that the utility is verifying and acquiring information about the device as preparation for the update process. Wait for this verification process to finish.

5. Current information about the device, such as the model ID, image version and language will then be displayed. Click Update to proceed.

6. Below the device information, information about the new ROM update will then be displayed. If you are certain that you want to install the Mobile Device with the new ROM update, click Next to proceed.

7. A confirmation message then appears and shows the length of time it will take to copy the necessary files (including radio image) to the device. Click Next to begin the update.

8. A progress bar will run through the screen during the update process.

Note: In the middle of the update process, the progress bar may stop running. This is normal as the RUU is adjusting itself to complete the update process automatically.

9. When you see the screen below, it means update is complete. Click Finish to exit the utility.

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Android 2.0 Video Tips: Shortcuts, Widgets, and Folders

In this lovely video Android gives you some great tips on using shortcuts, widgets, and folders on your Android 2.0 phone.

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In this official tip video you learn some great tips on managing and navigating the Android 2.0 home screen. Please remember more videos just like this one can be found right here at iloveDroid.

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This is the first of many Official Android 2.0 videos, all of which can be found right here on iloveDroid. In this video you will be introduced to Android 2.0 and will also see the highlights of the latest release.

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Google Unreels Visual Search For Android

What if you could take a picture of something and find what ever Google has to offer from that single click of the camera?
You would say brilliant! At least, that's what im saying. Google Visual Search is an outstanding project that Google has been working on also code named: "Google Goggles"(Get it? Google GOGGLES HA!). It is pretty much what it sounds like, a visual search. The neat thing however is how it works, simply take a snap shot of something on your Google Android phone, Google then crunches the image and brings you back all the results. That's not all, not only can you search with images you can search by location, it may be your new travel buddy!

So when is Google Visual Search coming out? Well, no one is totally sure at the moment, we just know that it is in fact coming to Google Android phones some time in the near future. So hang tight and look for more news here at iloveDroid on Google Visual Search. If you are still starving for more exclusive information on Google Visual Search CNBC has a wonderful program titled Inside The Mind Of Google which is loaded with tons of sneak peaks and info on what Google has up there sleeves.
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iloveDroid's Free Android Apps For The Holidays

Every one is in the holiday spirit! Unless your a scrooge, in that case get jolly buddy because iloveDroid has an extra jolly list of the best free Android applications for the holiday seasons.

Christmas RADIO by blumedialab.com

Christmas RADIO is the perfect app for traveling during the holiday seasons, or for holiday get togethers, plug your android into your home entertainment center and please family and guests. Christmas RADIO tunes you in to over 40 Christmas radio stations that you can listen to from any where in the world. There is even a radio station broadcasting from the north pole!

More info about Christmas Radio Here

Gift List by Developers Simplify Lives

Gift List is an awesome little Android application for tracking when, where, for who, and for the event that you purchased the gift for. Never leave that little nephew out of a Christmas present again(You horrible person, you thought we didn't know!?).

More info about Gift List Here

Shopping Days To Christmas by Zerohoh

Shopping Days To Christmas is a small widget that simply displays how many days you have left for Christmas shopping. It counts down to Christmas eve the last day that stores are open for shopping.

More info about Shopping Days To Christmas Here

Due to the fact that most other Christmas/Holidays apps for Android where rather silly I decided to not included them and only talk about the ones that are truly helpful for the holiday seasons.

Happy Holidays!
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Motorola Droid vs Droid Eris Low Light Video Quality

While I was browsing the forums over at androidforums.com I joined in on a debate about the Motorola Droid vs Eris Droid. Of course im for the Eris Droid, but I hear the Motorola Droid also has its pros. The one thing that came up quite a bit in the debate was the picture and video quality of the two phones. I stumbled across two videos taken in low light, the first is the Eris Droid and the second is the Motorola Droid. However I do think you will be very surprised with the outcome, I know I sure was.

Whoa Eris talk about beautiful video quality!

I think the Motorola Droid is a little embarrassed right now...
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Thats right! Im sure all of you HTC Droid Eris lovers are very excited for the upcoming update to Android 2.0 . I myself am ecstatic because I happen to be one of those HTC Droid Eris lovers. So when is going to happen? Soon, Verizon claims to have the upgrades in motion by "The First Quarter" of 2010.

If you are looking for further details on whats up with the HTC Droid Eris upgrades you can get more information at here and of course at the official Verizon wireless site.
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White Noise Lite App Review

White Noise Lite is a free application for Android phones, created by TMSOFT, it assists with helping you fall asleep at night or relax when you need to the most. It offers 10 ambient sounds on the lite version and 30+ on the full version.

I my self have a problem falling asleep at night and im sure a lot of you do to. This has got to be the most relaxing app you will ever come across for the Android. From ocean waves to the sound of an air plane what ever relaxes you White Noise Lite has.

Over All Rating: 4/5 Stars

  • Beautiful sounds
  • Rich and vibrant noises that make you really feel there
  • Its free!
  • You may get a good nights sleep!
  • User interface could be more appealing
  • Its some times hard to turn off
  • Time function does not work(at least on the HTC eris Droid)
Over all White Noise Lite is a wonderful app probably the best out there for relaxation at the moment. Wether or not your just looking to sit back and take a break from the world or your just looking for a good nights sleep White Noise Lite may be your best new friend.

Have you used White Noise Lite? What are your opinions about the app?

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Hello Droid Lovers!

Hey all you Droid lovers! Im glad you came to stop by iloveDroid.

Who are I?
First of all  im a Google Android addict. Im also a HTC phone lover, not that it matters anyways, I love all phones equally. I love the Android so much that I decided I would start my very own blog all about the Google Android hence the awesome name "iloveDroid". Also in some cases they may be a guest blogger, but I will introduce every one properly when the time comes.

What is iloveDroid?

As mentioned above iloveDroid is all about the Google Android and all of its awesomeness. iloveDroid is your fix for the Android brought to you daily. From news, articles, apps, upgrades, hacks, tweaks, guides and even Android development! So sit back with that hot cup off java and get ready for your FIX!

Some other things you will find here are android app, android application, android apps, android developer, android development, android os, android phone , android software and google android.
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