Google Unreels Visual Search For Android

What if you could take a picture of something and find what ever Google has to offer from that single click of the camera?
You would say brilliant! At least, that's what im saying. Google Visual Search is an outstanding project that Google has been working on also code named: "Google Goggles"(Get it? Google GOGGLES HA!). It is pretty much what it sounds like, a visual search. The neat thing however is how it works, simply take a snap shot of something on your Google Android phone, Google then crunches the image and brings you back all the results. That's not all, not only can you search with images you can search by location, it may be your new travel buddy!

So when is Google Visual Search coming out? Well, no one is totally sure at the moment, we just know that it is in fact coming to Google Android phones some time in the near future. So hang tight and look for more news here at iloveDroid on Google Visual Search. If you are still starving for more exclusive information on Google Visual Search CNBC has a wonderful program titled Inside The Mind Of Google which is loaded with tons of sneak peaks and info on what Google has up there sleeves.
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