The Destruction of iPhone and Android

Will the iPhone and Android be doomed in 2010?
A senior malware researcher from Kaspersky Lab Americas predicts a not so fortunate end to the iPhone and Android.

Roel Schouwenberg(Photo on the right.) a senior malware researcher from Kaspersky Labs in the United States, warns of a dark future for the Apple iPhone and the Google Android. Schouwenberg reports that we will probably be seeing a decent amount of publicity about the iPhone and Android being under attack by cyber criminals in 2010. Based on the mobile attacks of 2009 when the first malicous mobile applications first came to life, Roel mentions Android users are espically going to be under heavy attack due to the fact that Android is lacking special security measures. Hopefully Roeal Schouwenberg is incorrect about his predictions of the upcoming brutal attacks on the iPhone and Android. All we can do is hope new secuirty features are implemented in upcoming releases. Until then stay staff!
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