Google Maps Navigation For All Android Lovers!

Thats right Google Maps Navigation isn't just for the Android 2.0 guys anymore. It is now for every one with  Android 1.6+, unfortunately any Android OS under 1.6 will be missing out on the Google Maps Navigation madness. Google says the Google Maps Navigation for Android 1.6+ is currently in beta and available in the United States.

Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS system with voice guidance and automatic rerouting, all running on your mobile phone. Using Google services over your phone's data connection brings important benefits to GPS navigation users, like using Google search (typed or spoken) to enter your destination; fresh map, business, and traffic data; and satellite and Street View imagery along your route. Googlemobile

 Although Google  Maps Navigation is now available to those with Android 1.6+ their are some functions that will only work on the Android 2.0 OS. Don't worry tho Google says its no problem at all! You will just have to use some of the functions a little differently like the "navigate to" voice command for example.

If your lovely Android phone is running a 1.6 or above you can download Google Maps Navigation via the Android marketplace. Google also asks kindly for feedback on Google Maps Navigation, you can do this at Google forum. Also if you are looking for help on using your new Google Maps Navigation you can find tons at Google's Help Center.
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